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Wolfork vs other food

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Why raw?

1. Strengthened immune system
Raw meat naturally contains nutrients and ingredients that strengthen a dog's immune system, such as vitamins A, D & E, zinc and selenium. Marrow and cartilage contribute to the reduction of inflammation and help fight infections.
2. Better digestion
Your four-legged friend is a born carnivore. Your dog can break down bones and raw meat thanks to the low PH value of the stomach. The nutrients in raw food support healthy microbiology in the intestines for a better immune system and digestion.
3. Better stools
Highly processed dog food (dry & wet) contains many additives without nutritional value, causing smelly stools. Raw dog food contains natural nutrients which are easily and better absorbed. This results in fewer, firmer, smoother and less smelly stools. Good against constipation!
4. Healthier skin
Natural raw dog food is rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, nourishing the coat and protecting the skin. Your dog will scratch and lick the skin and paws less. On the other hand, highly processed foods can cause fungal infections and skin irritations.
5. Stronger bones
Calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin contribute to stronger bones and joints. These nutrients are mainly found in raw bones. Therefore, bones are an essential part of your dog's diet.
6. Reduced allergies
Highly processed dog food, such as kibble, contain many carbohydrates, different types of flours and synthetic additives. These can cause allergies and irritations and affect the good intestinal bacteria. Raw food supports healthy intestinal flora and strengthens the immune system, which is crucial in fighting allergies.
7. Better weight management
More than 50% of all dogs are overweight or obese and this leads to an increased risk of arthritis, diabetes and cancer. Due to the many fillers and low nutritional value in kibble, your dog often eats more than he needs. High-quality raw dog food, personalized for your dog, helps to combat obesity and maintain a healthy weight.
8. More energy
A dog's digestive system is desgined by nature to process raw meat. Eating raw meat makes your dog happier and more energetic, because he's not getting irritated by synthetic nutrients, too many carbohydrates, and other additives found in dry or canned food.
9. Better oral hygiene
Dental plaque is mainly caused by sugars derived from carbohydrates (grains & rice) in kibble. Our recipes contain very few carbohydrates, as we use at least 88% fresh meat, complemented only with fruit and vegetables. All vitamins and minerals are natural and give your dog cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.
10. Stable mood
Dogs are very sensitive to their environment. They smell our stress, happiness, sadness and fear and take over that state of mind. Raw food contributes to the mental well-being of your dog. The natural smell, taste and texture stimulates curiosity and engagement.


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How does it work?


1. Nutritional advice

Wolfork supplies food that is tailored to the specific needs of your dog. To determine the correct calorie requirement and suitable recipe, we have some questions for you . We have made answering the questions as easy and fun as possible and it only takes 2 minutes!


2. Order

The Wolfork burgers are delivered in bags that weigh 2.1 kg. You can select the number of bags you like to order.


3. Delivery

If you order before noon, we deliver the next working day after 5 pm. To guarantee the freshness of our product, the food is delivered to your home frozen in an insulated box. Store dog food in the freezer at home.


4. Feeding

Defrost the recommended amount 6 hours in advance in the refrigerator in a closed container. Also read our tips on safe feeding.

Next working day delivery when ordered before noon
National delivery with the exception of the Wadden Islands

Frequently Asked Questions

For all other questions, please visit our FAQ.