About Wolfork

Wolfork was born out of love for our dogs Banjer and Tokyo.

We want to offer them a longer healthy and happy life. We are convinced that nutrition plays an important role in this. Wolfork produces raw, complete dog food from 100% natural ingredients, without any additives! So, no fillers, fragrances, colourings, flavourings, preservatives and synthetic additives. Honest and truly healthy food.

All Wolfork recipes have been developed by a team of international nutritional scientists and are based on the famous Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) method. Through personal advice, we tailor the right recipe and daily amount to the needs of your dog.

Because we believe the knowledge about the well-being of dogs is important, we donate 2.5% of our turnover to scientific research into raw dog food. In this way, we invest together in a healthier future for all our four-legged friends!

Floris Cobelens & Floris Sijsma

Founders Wolfork