Customized nutritional advice

Proper nutrition is essential for a longer healthy life for your four-legged friend. To ensure your dog gets exactly what he or she needs, we always provide tailor-made nutritional advice.

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Nutritional advice

Switch to raw

As with any new food, we recommend a gradual transition. This allows your dog's digestive system to slowly adjust. Replace a quarter of the current food daily, for a quarter of Wolfork dog food:

Day 1:

75% current food
25% Wolfork

Day 2:

50% current food
50% Wolfork

Day 3:

25% current food
75% Wolfork

Day 4:

100% Wolfork

From day 4 onwards, your dog will eat the recommended amount of Wolfork dog food every day.
And he will savor it!


Because Wolfork dog food consists of more than 88% raw meat, hygiene plays an important role. Therefore, follow the instructions below:

  • Store
  • Store Wolfork dog food in the freezer at -18°C and close the bag with the resealable strip.

  • Defrost
  • Remove the recommended dose from the freezer 6 hours in advance.

  • Defrost the recommended dosage in a sealable container in the refrigerator.

  • After the food is defrosted, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

  • Feed
  • Serve directly from the refrigerator.

  • Wash hands thoroughly after preparation and clean used materials.

  • Discard leftovers after 1 hour.

  • Keep small children away from the food bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

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